Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Going Ons

I finally passed AQS with a little help from our friend so I can relax a bit now and not worry about not being able to follow the script in verbatim. Sucks, I hate sounding like an automated system. I had 20 calls today I bet my AHT (average handling time) is low, at least there's improvement I enjoy "nesting" a lot I almost forgot that I'm not supposed to have high aht anymore I've no excuse since I've been doing this for the longest time. 

I had Tropical Hut's "Cornsilog" (corned beef, sinangag, itlog) for breakfast and as usual I shared it with Jack, our pet I guess he liked it so much he can't get enough of everything, even the styrofoam! Poor dog, he only gets to eat table food once a day in two or thrice a week. He's still lucky, we always tell him that there are millions of dogs out there who have nothing to eat and feed on leftover garbage. I guess he looks at me but no idea of what I'm talking about. 

I finally got my Swiss bag with the our company's logo of course. It's really with lots of inside pockets. This is just perfect for me since I'm so fond of bags with lots of pockets. I also like its color, maybe I'm just really lucky because brown is one of my favorite colors. My laptop is running out of space maybe it's really about time for me to buy a portable hard drive I thought I saw one at Villman.
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