Friday, October 05, 2007

I Want More

I haven't passed AQS yet but that's okay I'm not in a hurry to go to production yet anyway, I hate pressure. While in nesting it's understood if your AHT is high or your POSE (surveys) suck since you're still in the process of getting used to everything but as soon as you graduate you have no choice but keep up with the pressure of being able to all hit the metrics especially if you're aiming for P4P, hardwork is a must.  

I used to get p4p in my previous center and coming to work everyday played a huge part. Hopefully I can work it here too once I graduate from nesting. I won't feel bad if I'm not the first one to pass AQS like I did in my previous account without realizing that it was such a big deal. I'm like "whatever." 

I'm addicted to downloading movies and TV series lately that's why I've been planning to buy an external hard drive so I can store some more files. I just want to maximize the use of our DSL Internet. Php1,000 a month is not just for checking emails and Friendster. Before I forgot,  PLDT already replied to my letter regarding the cancellation of our Vibe plan and informed me that it's effectivity will be on Sept.17 or maybe they meant Oct.17? I sent the letter this week, so I'm like "duh?" What's wrong with these people? They even addressed me as Ms. Mille, hey that's not my lastname! They mistaken the signature on my email which is "Grazie Mille" which is "thank you very much" in Italian as my first and lastname but if read carefully my nickname is written after that then followed by my full name. I thought whoever replied to my email must be sleepy or something.
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