Saturday, December 17, 2005

Paramita's "Tala"

At last! After a week of waiting i finally scored a copy of Paramita's debut album "Tala." I'm really excited to listen to it in fact I'm playing it right now. To begin with, when the lady from Radio City hand me the cd the cover, the design instantly caught my attention because it's like one of those Japanese Kimono prints I thought it's really cute. Another thing I like about the packaging is that it doesn't have an acrylic case cover, just a carton sleeve. I like it because I get clumsy sometimes I'm kinda worried about breaking the case. Inside you'll find the lyric sheet separately so you can bring it along even if you're away from your cd player or pc in case you'd like to sing along with their songs. 

There are 12 tracks in the album all songs are written by Ria Bautista, the band's vocalist/drummer. I noticed that Ria's songwriting is simple and honest. Among my favorite tracks ar "Hiling" and "Takipsilim." They may be new as a band but they're good for starters in the music industry.

For more of Paramita visit their official site

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