Sunday, August 08, 2010


Today's my "interim off" and tomorrow is the start of my 5PM shift. Okay, great. Starting next week I'll be on Sat-Sun off. I'm kind of ecstatic because my sister and I will have more "bonding moments." We can go on a lot of food trip and workout together. However, I still hate coming to work or going home on wee hours of the morning. I just thank God that in my seven years of work I've never had any worse experience yet except when I had my bag slashed off while on my way to work I lost my cellphone. My officemate once told me that she got robbed inside a cab on her way home. The taxi driver took all her belongings and asked her not to look back but didn't do any harm to her and it's just a few blocks away from their house. There are way too many horror stories for people who work at night since all the risks are there but still, most people prefer to work at night because they aim for night differential. Who wouldn't want a bigger take home pay right? Working for a call center indeed pays good money compared to other jobs but seriously, it's not an easy task to take the risks to go to work every. They say that prayer is the most powerful weapon a person can have and I believe that. You see, I'm not a religious person but I always keep a rosary inside my bag for protection.

Twin sissy and I heard mass at Quiapo church. We arrived thirty minutes late but just in time for the homily. It's so hot inside the church good thing she brought a fan too cool us down a little. The air coming from the wall fan didn't help at all. We decided to move towards the aisle when I noticed a statue of this little boy holding a tin can with words engraved under his feet "Pondo ng Pinoy." I seriously would like to take a picture of him he's like a celebrity statue but I think it's a little awkward to do so I'm inside the church I don't want people to think that I'm not paying attention to the mass. When I got home I searched the Internet if I'll find a picture of him unfortunately there's none. Everyone who sees him can't help but drop a coin on his tin can like a real miserable kid begging for mercy just by the sad look on his face. After the mass we had breakfast then come dessert we had "choco san rival" gelato (Gelato is Italian for ice cream) at Amici, sweet.

I saw a real cute hoodie jackets in Lee. My sister love the black one I thought about buying the gray jacket but it doesn't fit me so I end up with the black one even if it's much more expensive. Anyway, it's worth the price plus I got a free bottle umbrella. Nice!

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