Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No Music, No Life

I woke up at 5AM yesterday and like to watch TV but my twin sister's still fast asleep I turn the radio on instead and tuned in to NU107 unfortunately they're off-air it's too early I forgot that it was a Monday they will be signing on at 6AM as well other FM stations. I accidentally tuned in to RJ FM and they were playing Beatles' songs. I thought it's pretty cool to start my Monday morning. I miss listening to Beatles music. 

When i was young my brother and my mom played a lot their songs over and over again that I started to memorize the lyrics. They're big fans of the Beatles' they got me and my twin sister listening to their music too. I guess I got my earliest influence in music from my mom, she loves music too. When I was 5 or 6 years old she would play a lot of old songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Neil Sedaka, Connie Francis, Sue Thompson, Elvis Prestley, The Cascades, The Carpenters, Everly Brothers and the list goes on. 

My mom loves to sing and play the guitar. When she was a kid she plays the "bandurria," (a plucked chordophone from Spain, similar to the mandolin, primarily used in Spanish folk music, but also found in countries that were once colonies of Spain) and was a part of a huge music club that play stringed instruments during her grade school days. My brother, myself and my twin got our penchant for stringed instruments mostly from mom though my dad plays the guitar too. My brother's been playing the guitar as early as 9 years old whilst the two of us started when we were already 14. I must admit that I'm still not good at it because playing the guitar to me is really hard to master. Anybody can play the guitar but not everyone can play it really good, I think, 

I used to sing back in gradeschool and highschool but didn't really enjoy being put on the spot especially during school programs, sucks bigtime you know I'd rather be in class. I don't really care to be popular, not my thing. I remember training for the Center for Pop Music Philippines in Grade 4 but I didn't like it since I don't have plans of becoming a pop star anyway, not for me. 

I realized that I'm not into pop music in highschool. Thank God pop music isn't the only music I can listen to. There are other music genres. I'm happy with my chosen genre which is rock even if it's not the kind most people listen to or appreciate they say it's just noise or maybe they just don't care to listen. I don't listen to pop music a lot but at least I care to listen. There are really good pop musicians out there, I respect the genre so to speak. I don't have to like it, I'm not supposed to.

Music is freedom. 
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