Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gook Book 1 Utterly Outrageous Recipe of the Month: GIANT SNAILS

Giant Snails If you are in the mood of something really different, try the most exotic meat on earth: the AMAZON WATER SNAILS. At the center of the world: Ecuador, the Amazon water snails have been an important part of the local Indians diet, since it is rich in digestible proteins, low in fat, high in amino acids and minerals and it is easily digestible. Also, this exotic meat has aphrodisiac propriety; it's taste and texture are very similar to that of an octopus. I personally recommend two species: * Giant Amazon water snail (Ampularia spp): the snail is the size of a human hand, with a weight of up to 250 grams when alive. The shell has a color that varies from white to brown, which is very appealing to the eye. * Normal Amazon water snail (Pomacea spp.): the snail reaches a size of up to 3 inches, with a weight of up to 120 grams when alive. The shell has a color that varies from yellow to brown. In both species the whole body except its viscera is eaten. The meat has a light yellow color to a brown color, except when it reaches the reproductory stage, when the meat turns dark brown.
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