Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spick and Span

I clean up my studio-type room in Antipolo. I re-arranged furnitures so I can move comfortably. It's been a while since I did this whole general cleaning. I noticed that there's too much dust on the window pane as well as the AC filter. Who would want to breathe dirty air? the pollution outside is enough to kill me. I'm not sure why there's still a leak on the ceiling I thought we had it repaired many times. 

I miss not having to rent how I wish I can bring our house with me wherever I go. I don't want to leave appliance plugged in before I leave but I'm become more forgetful since I had a minor foot surgery due to an infected wound. 

I still don't know have any idea of the training schedule for our batch tomorrow. We're just told that we'll be on training starting tomorrow and that's about it so we have to stand by for the time being.

I hate surprises.
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