Sunday, July 31, 2005

Helena Rocks

I've been hearing the song "Helena" being played a lot on the radio and quite surprised to know that they are a 5 piece band from New Jersey, USA called "My Chemical Romance." It's no surprise to me however, that bands like "The Cure and "Thursday" are just some of their major influences since most rockstars love these bands anyway. When I first saw their video of the song Helena on MTV I thought they're some British band because they don't look like a typical American band to me. I love the video, the gothic feel especially the part when the dead girl arise from her coffin and did this whole ballet sequence it was rather creepy, I think it's really cool too. The concept is quite surreal, the person who thought of this video must be really creative. I have never seen anything as unique as this one in any music video before. I thought the MV is just beautiful, I'm addicted to it I'll watch over and over again. 

You can watch the MV here:

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