Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No Internet, No Life

I was on leave for a week and got the shock of my life when I came back to work and found out that our Internet access in the office was blocked by our IT (information technology) department. We are restricted access to our most important tool/search engine, Google. We use Google a lot for research or to find additional information even if we have company provided resources because we find it more helpful, a lot. 

I work in technical support btw and I understand that most employees including myself use it for non-work related stuff to be honest such as checking personal emails, online banking, etc. but they should've taken into account that employees use online simulators as aid in troubleshooting Internet/email related customer concerns. We need access to simulators of different operating systems even client mails so we're sort of impaired with what the company did. It's like blind troubleshooting to be honest. It's just not fair. 

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