Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Did It My Way

I haven't blogged for weeks so I never get the chance to say cheers to the new year, the year of the metal rabbit... rock on! Kidding aside, time flies by so quickly. Let me rewind the clock back to the new year of 2010 when twin sissy and I welcomed 2010 amongst ourselves because I  have shift, sucks right? That's why I'm so thankful that I spent Christmas and New Year with my family this year, that's good for a start. 

It was back in January when I was able to convince twin sissy to try out boxing for us to lose weight and from then on it became our weekly routine. Now we can't live without boxing it became our major form of exercise and bonding time aside from shopping teehee! We became uber OC in terms of losing weight and avoided eating fast food as well as those high in carbs. We stopped eating rice gradually and substitute it with food that are rich in fiber instead. Nothing comes easy but no pain, no gain. Sacrifice and discipline is the key to losing weight the healthy way. I have nothing against slimming pills there that widely exists in the market nowadays because I'm taking one too but I don't depend on it too much. Slimming pills will not work unless you exercise and take your diet seriously. 

I'm no fitness expert but hopefully my experience will inspire and benefit a lot of people who will read my blog. I've tried a lot of things to lose weight. I've been boxing for almost five months when I noticed that I'm not losing weight that much.  My twin sister suggested we try the apple and cucumber salad diet for weeks. I don't know where she got that idea but I'm sure she researched it or something so I gave her credits for that. It worked but i'm still not satisfied with so i resort to eating brown rice until eventually I quit eating rice for a week and noticed that I'm losing weight more rapidly. I lost 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks time. Instead of rice for lunch I substitute it with wheat bread sandwich and a fruit like apple or banana. I start to feel lighter and not bloated anymore. I resume eating rice after a week but from then on I make it a habit to eat rice only once or twice a week. I weigh 125 lbs. before I started boxing. I'm petite so I'm pretty overweight for my height. Walking is my only exercise when I go to work after I get off the bus. I sit for eight hours at work and I've been working for years so I'm sure you can now imagine how I got all the flabs. My waistline is getting wider and everything that I wear just won't fit right anymore. I told myself I can't let this go on until I decided that last year's a good year to stay fit and I'm proud to say that "I did it!" My year ended weighing 97 lbs. but gained 2 lbs. when I came back from vacation for the holidays but no longer worried I know I can maintain what I started. I won't just put everything to waste of course, spell d-i-f-f-i-c-u-l-t! But it was all worth it. I gave my old jeans away and some clothes that I can't wear anymore I swear I'll never wear those again.

So what's in it for me in 2011? According to my astrology and horoscope that 2011 is a challenging year for Taurus. I will succeed in career however, there will be too much hard work and some struggle. This year will bring promotions and elevations in career, and hard work will be appreciated. Furthermore, in terms of health 2011 is a good year. Taurus will become a great source of inspiration to other people in the year of the metal rabbit. How's that? I don't rely on astrology and horoscopes they're only guides so it's still up to me to make it all happen and I'm pretty confident that I can do it with divine providence and hard work. I'm looking forward to a great leap in my career this year. I'd like to travel, experience other culture and see what's out there. Testing the waters is a bold and risky move but life without the risk isn't life worth living and part of it is the learning process. It's normal to stumble and have regrets in the past, we're only human but moving forward is the most important thing. We can never go back so don't dwell on the past and move on but don't forget those people who inspired you and make you a better person and the experiences you've gone through. Pretty deep eh? 

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