Friday, December 12, 2008


It's a rainy Friday morning. According to the morning news that an Anti-Charter Change rally is happening today and that Ayala Avenue will be closed at 12 noon. Good thing I'm on night shift so I don't have to worry about that I'm pretty sure by the time I get off to work the rally is over. My sister have shift today she texted me that protesters are starting to arrive at the Ninoy Aquino statue fronting Insular life where ABS-CBN's crew is ready to do a coverage of the event. 

I finished downloading Twilight last night I watched it right away. I liked the plot and the casting was good. It makes me think what if vampires are still around will that scare me or willl that be cool? The ladies fell for Edward Collins because of his mysterious character perhaps. My copy is not very clear yet it's too early to find a good one since the movie is quite new. I don't have anymore complains with my Internet provider because so far I'm satisfied that I am able to downloaded with no data limit. I'm happy that I've seen all the movies I missed these years. If technology lets you do everything better take advantage. 

Our regularization paper was given to us Tuesday morning I'm happy to stay but still uncertain about what the future holds for me in this company. 
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