Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Sickness

It's a rainy Monday aftie. I stayed home and got myself real busy. I did a makeover of our studio-type room I hope that sissy's going to like the new arrangement. I re-arranged our furnitures so we can breathe a little we have so much stuff yet too little space for everything. The room next door is still under repair the family who lived there for almost a year left last week but already saw a couple checking it out yesterday. I did not go to the gym today but it feels like I did I had my muscles stretched when I moved some heavy furnitures like our wooden cabinet, fridge, etc. I still have colds but I'm feeling quite better after self-medicating like eating fruits and drinking lots of water for two days. I don't catch a cold easily but there must be a very stong virus at work. I hate getting sick it feels weird thank God I'm on leave last Saturday I was able to rest yesterday and today and it's still my off or else my flu could have gotten worse.

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