Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've always been an e-heads fan. When the news broke out about a tribute album for the fab four I got really excited. 

I don't know, maybe I've been expecting to much I was disappointed when I saw the line up of bands and artists on the album I had second thoughts whether to buy it or not. Save for Imago, Orange and Lemons, MYMP and Isha who brought their covers to a whole new level. I just think that not all bands in there that are deserving to be part of the album. Some of the bands in the album are just popular but not apt to sing e-heads songs. 

The album have 17 tracks. I fell in love with Imago's version of "Spolarium" instantly. These guys never fail to amuse me. I think "Overdrive" is better sung by Aia than Barbie Almalbis. I'm a fan of Barbie but that song is just not right for her. 

The last time I went to Odyssey in Megamall, the cd costs Php280 only but today I bought it for Php300 from Radio City but no big deal since I've always been supportive of Pinoy artists regardless if they're indie or mainstream so I didn't mind at all. 

To wrap things up "Ultraelectromagnetic Jam" is a good album to add to your collection especially if you like to reminisce on e-heads popular tunes. If you just can't get enough of e-heads songs this is a must have.
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