Thursday, October 28, 2010


Rest day + 2 days on leave + interim off, awesome! I filed my leave last week just out of whatever. Well, everyone at the office is going on leave why can't I? I'm supposedly saving my leaves for December but who cares now? I just wanna give myself a break. I'm no heroine I can't save the queue, darn it. 

I'll be real busy on my time off so I'm looking forward to it. Anyways, I got all the ear candies I ordered online via Multiply yay! I'm happy they're real cute,  I love all of it. I was scouring the web for some cool stuff when I came across these "emotibuds" from a Multiply site that sell Ipod charms. I got excited I fell in love instantly with these cute emotibuds so I placed an order immediately before they ran out. They're so cool and cute as a button I imagined myself wearing 'em on my headphones. 

It's pay day tomorrow, music to my ears. 
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