Friday, March 25, 2016

Welcome Jagger

Hello Jagger!
I thought my elder sister was joking when she texted me earlier that our dad bought a 4 month old German Shepherd. I was happy and anxious at the same time.

It's been 5 months since we lost Brandon, our 10 year old German Shepherd due to renal failure and some other complications. I told my dad that we can't have another GSD (German Shepherd Dog) because it's not easy keeping a high breed dog especially when they are getting old and becoming sick often. A German Shepherd is not really a high maintenance dog and get along with other dogs. I think Brandon is really kind because he never got into a fight with any of our dogs. The only problem we had is that when he gets bored he eats anything, edible or not. Owning a large dog is good because you feel safer having them around but when Brandon died I said to myself I would never do it again, not another one. I thought were not able to take care of Brandon's health properly, he could have lived maybe a year or two more. It was a learning experience since we've never had a GSD before. 

I miss our big boy, Brandon
We already thought of a name for our puppy since he's here to stay and we can't return him to where he came from. It's not fair and not his fault that dad bought him. We'll call him "Jagger" from now on, after the Rolling Stone's (band) lead vocalist Mick Jagger. Dad bought him from a pet shop in SM and to be honest I really don't recommend buying from pet shops because I see how poor their living condition is I think Jagger is just lucky that's he's out of there now. We promise to take good care of our new baby, we're his family now.

So welcome home Jagger boy!

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