Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Well Soon

I was busy all day yesterday at the hospital because I have to attend to my sister who's recovering from surgery. I'm so tired when I home but that didn't stop me from boxing earlier. I worked out for 2 and half hours I sweat a river which is good for me, I feel a lot lighter again after shaking off some of my fats but I need to lose some more. 

I stayed home today after my work out and make the most of my schedule swap. I'm still on leave tomorrow to take care of my sister but mom texted me earlier that she'll be discharged today she said my elder sister doesn't wanna stay there any longer and thinks that she'll be more comfortable recovering from her gall bladder operation at home. My sister's gall bladder wasn't spared because the only way to have the gall stone removed is by removing the gall bladder. I pity her when she was brought inside the room after 3 hours in recovery. I've never seen her cry in pain before that was heartbreaking. I hope she gets well soon and nobody in the family will be hospitalized soon because I'm getting used to the smell of hospitals and it's a pretty boring place to be honest. 

Prevention as always, is better than cure but it's a little too late for my sister to save her gall bladder and we can't turn back time I told her she has to watch her diet from now on if she wants to live longer and to stay away from fastfood, that won't do her any good. 

I took pictures of my sister's room and the view outside as souvenir.

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