Friday, April 04, 2008

Ramielle's Last

It's sad to know that Ramielle Malubay got eliminated too soon from American Idol. Most people were surprised to see her go but after watching her performance last night, I'm convinced that it was not her best. 

Ramielle is undeniably talented and cute being the shortest and one of the prettiest among the ladies but I'm afraid that her Dolly Parson song choice  "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" didn't suit her voice and character. She gave her all. All of them will have to face the same ordeal of getting eliminated anyway it's just too bad that her time came sooner. To Ramielle fans out there it's time to move. She may not be the next American Idol but in the future she can be more than that. 

Btw, I didn't know about her controversial photos until I saw it today from this blog:

I thought it was something nasty but it's nothing like that really. Looks like just some girl and her friends showing off their boobies. They're not naked or anything. It's even a surprise to me since she grew up in the states. Give this girl a break she's only human, she's not born to be a saint. 

Oh well, I still have a reason to watch the show. This time I'll be rooting for Jason Castro hopefully he'll make it at least to the top 3. He's kinda cute, I love his hippie style and singing of course. Jason's voice is not exceptional to be honest, but really soothing. He surely knows how to rock hard on the drums I've seen the video of his band "Charlemagne" in Youtube he's a totally different person when he plays the drums it's kinda like what we see on American Idol is just the sweet side of him. 

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