Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Give It to Me

I woke up prematurely, now my head is aching terribly. I was in the middle of sleep when Jack, our resident dog bit me in the hand I think that was around 4 in the morning. I realized that I'm starving so I checked out the fridge and decided to cook my breakfast. I ate an easy to cook Carbonara and 2 slices of toast.

I had my haircut about 2 days ago at the newly-opened Reyes Haircutters in Shaw. I like it better than my own haircut. I cut my bangs recently but it was a disaster, it made me looked like I'm wearing a wig I swear I'm not doing that to my hair again. The stylist fixed my bangs he cut it just a little shorter but i'm happy it turned out good. 

Christmas is coming close but we haven't even hang our Christmas lantern yet like we used to since we will not be spending our holiday here anyway. To be honest I'm a little disappointed because my Christmas leave got disapproved for some reason even if I filed it early, I think about 3 months ago. I swear I will be absent on that day because I still have leave credits that I haven't even used since I got regularized. I heard our mom is planning a trip to Sagada and I haven't been there. I heard Sagada is 9 hours away from Baguio so if we really want to go there I need a couple of weeks of vacation. 

I really hope I can just travel worry free.
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