Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Sunday! Our country is predominantly Catholic that's why it's really crowded in church on this day. Holy week is over I bet vacation is over too for people who work normal jobs. The priest mentioned in his homily earlier that Filipinos aren't taking this lenten season seriously anymore. Instead of fasting or sacrificing a little, most of us take this opportunity to go to the beach and get some tan instead of taking time to pray and reflect. 

I must admit I'm not a devout Catholic. I don't go to church every Sunday, and my last confession was God knows how long time ago. I also haven't received the bread of Christ for many years but I don't just remember HIM during holy week. I just assume that God is understanding enough because I have my reasons. 

Twin sissy and I are here in Antipolo to do some cleaning. Our eldest sister and kids are moving to Baguio which means that we're left to take of our family home. We checked up on our old desktop and uninstalled unimportant files so it's somehow faster now. This baby is about 3-4 years old good thing it's still up and running. We're going back to Shaw tomorrow morning since we both have shifts already. My sister is fast asleep right now maybe she got tired of moving furnitures and she also went out to buy a new mouse for our pc she broke the old one. I don't feel like sleeping yet. I'll watch the movie "Music and Lyrics" on HBO later. 
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