Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fix Ya

It's my day off. The only thing that I love about this 4 x 11 shift is the 3 days off, nothing else. I've not much to do, good thing my sister told me that there is something wrong with the Photo Viewer on our computer called Nero Photosnap. The problem is we can't view photos so I did a little research until I found a very useful link from one of the forums that I read. I re-configured some plug-ins that made it work. However I also noticed that the ad plug-ins that used to appear on the right pane of Yahoo mail is not showing anymore it says "page cannot be displayed" so i tried the "restore advanced settings" fix and it worked right immediately so everything is back to normal. I guess I'm learning a lot in tech support. 

Let me just share about the movie I watched recently entitled "Persepolis." This is a monochrome animation based on a novel written by the director herself Marjane Satrapi who also happens to be the main character in the story. The movie is about the coming of age of a young girl during the war in Iran and the country's struggle for freedom. It's quite a bore at first but if you pay close attention its English subtitles (it's dubbed in French) it tackle sensitive issues that concerns women and freedom of expression. Marjane's character amused me because she is the rebellious type of girl who made a mistake at some point in her life but managed to pull herself together. to sum it up Persepolis is a story of struggle in war, love and life in general. It's a pretty good movie to me.
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