Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Graduation month is up again I'll be busy by the end of the week to attend my niece's Gradeschool Graduation on Friday and my sister's Law School grad in PICC on Saturday. I wasn't able to file a PTO (paid time off) for my niece's graduation my sister and I didn't know that we need to do her hair and make-up she doesn't want other people to do her makeup, I think she's a little anti-social or something hehe. 

Our eldest sister gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. My teenage niece who's graduating, was born on February 11, 1996 and her baby sister was born yesterday, the 11th of March. What a coincidence I thought, they were both born on the 11th of following months. 

My parents paid a visit earlier. I asked my mom to hand over my niece's graduation present since I couldn't make it hopefully she likes it. 

Looks like this month calls for a a triple celebration. Cheers!

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