Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I almost fell asleep in the fx on my way how because I'm so tired after my graveyard shift good thing my Ipod kept me company, it was such a boring trip. I put on loud music intentionally, I'm beginning to hate listening to FM stations they don't play good music that make sense anymore. 

I've been watching a lot of new programs on TV and just recently I started watching Project Runway Philippines. I think that this is a good venue to showcase local designers and show the world what we got. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of international franchising but it seems inevitable that this is the "in" thing nowadays. I think I'm okay with the local franchise of "Survivor" (we have survivor Philippines) but not movies. The movie "Desperadas" for example is obviously derived from the popular TV series "Desperate Housewives." Few years ago I was one of those that got hooked watching for crying out loud the Tagalized version of Taiwan's comedy/drama series "Meteor Garden." The infamous Mexican star "Thalia" once captured the hearts of Filipinos with her Telenovela "Marimar" (aw!) I think we can do better if we will try to come up with anything original or is too risky to do so? I guess I'm just curious. 

When I arrived home I noticed a tent setup in front of our neighbor's house so I asked my  elder sister who died and got shocked to find out that our long-time neighbor whom we call Aling Ludy who's a good friend of my mom as well, already passed away due to cardiac arrest. I sort of felt guilty especially when I learned from my mom that Aling Ludy told her that she misses us because she don't see us anymore. I think I saw her last month maybe a week before Christmas but I didn't realize thought that it would be the last time I'll see her alive. She even looked at me, I did not even smile or say "Hi" I guess I got shy. Aling Ludy used to deliver us food everytime there's someone celebrating a birthday in their family. She would bring us spaghetti or pancit (I love her spaghetti) and cake and we always look forward to that. She will be missed especially by my mom because she always keep her updated on what's going on with her life. 

My friend's grandmother also died yesterday I thought she got sick that's why she was absent for last night but I heard about what happened from our team leader she never told anyone except her so I texted her to give my condolences. 

Death is like a thief, indeed.

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