Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dental Check Up

I finally had a dental check-up earlier and this may sound gross but It's been a year or so since I had my teeth checked. Dentists say that dental check ups must be done every 6 months but I don't have time so it took me a year to visit a dentist. 

The taxi ride to get to the clinic gave me a headache earlier. The driver had me going around in circles he said he thought that Medical Plaza is the same as Medical City, OMG! I paid Php80 but didn't think about arguing anymore with the "lost in space" driver since I'm gonna be late for my dental appointment. 

At the dentist, my mouth was wide open for an hour it was such a pain in the jaw. I didn't have any problem on the light cure treatment part but the cleaning process was a bit uncomfortable. The electric toothbrush hurt at some point especially when getting to the hard to reach areas. I'm happy that my teeth look whiter and feels cleaner after, yay!

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