Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go Broadband

I finally have broadband Internet. I applied last Friday, had it installed the following day and activated on a Sunday. So far so good, 1MBPS is not bad good. Since my sister and I are renting, we asked for the building administrator's permission to mount the antennae at the roof top on the 7th floor. 

I don't have to deal with dial-up hassles anymore just to check my email or download stuff. I had dial-up Internet for 3 years while others are already enjoying fast Internet because they have broadband and DSL, nobody can use the home phone while I'm online. I thought I wouldn't need postpaid Internet since I don't use it a lot but I realized that I'm paying more for the service that i'm not getting with dial-up so might as well go for broadband for Php999/month which is not bad since it's unlimited Internet.

I arrived earlier I brought our old computer table from Antipolo so I can use it for my laptop, printer and scanner since we don't stay there often anymore. 

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