Sunday, September 11, 2005

No Umbrella

When I arrived from work this morning, I told myself that I'll bring a small bag so I can bring an umbrella in case it rains this afternoon. My bag is ready to go but after a power nap, I woke up and changed my mind. I decided not to bring an umbrella. 

The weather was good when I left the house, the sun was up I was in a hurry to catch an FX because It feels like I'm melting already. It took me just an hour or two to buy all the stuff that I needed I was in a hurry so I chose an FX that's ready to leave just to get squeezed inside when a big guy sat in the middle of everyone. I was literally screaming inside I'd like to transfer to another FX but I'm left with no choice I have to be home early so I have more time to rest and sleep. All hell broke loose when the rain poured heavily just while I'm about to get off the fx. Can this day get any worst? I told myself. After a sunny day here comes the storm! How odd. I can't run in the rain so I had to stop at a nearby store, video shop, Jollibee, Mc Donalds and a waffle store even if the apartment is literally few steps away. It took me an hour to get home, would you believe it? I was soaking wet and mad like hell imagine how a sudden change of mind and weather ruined my day. 
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