Saturday, September 05, 2015


I'm not a fan of noontime or variety shows at all because I find it painfully boring with all the singing and dancing, audience participation, etc.,etc. I thought it's way too "corny" for my taste. I meant no disrespect to people who prefer watching these type of shows everyday to keep them entertained because I grew up watching them too but as as time passed a lot has changed on Philippine TV that it has become monotonous for me. Growing up in the 80's I bet you are familiar with noontime shows such as "Eat Bulaga", "Lunch Date", "Student Canteen" just to name a few but to date, Eat Bulaga is the longest running noontime show on Philippine TV that have withstand the test of time. I remember watching EB live in Broadway Centrum in gradeschool as part of our educational fieldtrip. Aiza Seguerra back then was the Ryza Mae of the show and she was cute as a button. 

I'm not fond of watching TV but since I'm on vacay mode and we do not have cable service at home, I do nothing but channel surf until I find something interesting to watch. I prefer watching movies on my laptop during my spare time or surf the Internet but just few weeks ago I noticed that people are going gaga on Eat Bulaga's newest segment Juan For All, All For Juan's "Kalyeserye"
wherein the actors will perform a skit on the street then later pick a lucky household to receive tons of prizes. Everytime I open my Facebook app to check the news I see nothing but pictures of the newest loveteam called "AlDub" on my Internet feeds (courtesy of GMA News). I got really curious as to who "AlDub" is and why these two became the most sought after loveteam so I started following.Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching AlDub and EB's Kalyeserye although I have already missed a lot of episodes. It is fresh and very entertaining it brings people together, young and old. The birth of "AlDub" from what I read came as an accident but this loveteam is here to stay. This whole "AlDub" fever has taken it's toll on me too I get excited everytime I see their exchange of sweet nothings via text messages on split screens, it seems real they're just way too cute to watch, lol. Hats down to all the actors especially to Wally Bayola and his bodyguards whom he calls "Rogelio, Rogelio, Rogelio". Wally really showed his versatility as an actor for his character "Lola Nidora" he is not just funny but "she" imparts good moral values too especially to youngsters. "Yaya Dub" or Maine Mendoza's character as Lola Nidora's "sidekick" is just clever although we cannot hear her real voice because she "Dubsmash" everything that comes out of her lips, her face lights up whenever she sees her "real life crush" Alden. Aldub is the icing on the cake. Jose Manalo's character "Lola Tinidora" is a good addition too because he is equally funny and his dance moves drives me crazy. It must be a lot of fun for these actors to be performing in front of a live audience. It's like watching a stage play on the street. I think that bringing entertainment closer to people for a good cause is brilliant.

At the moment, I'm a fan of "AlDub" or "MaiDen" and EB's Kalyeserye. I don't care if other's find it corny or whatever because clean fun is what entertainment is supposed to be. But the real question is, when is the right time going to be for these lovebirds? I can't wait any longer. Oh boy, guess I'm hooked (Pabebe wave)!

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