Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go DigiBox

Our Sky DigiBox was finally installed last night after a week of ranting. We noticed that we're losing major cable channels but was left uninformed of the digitalization of the cable service in our area. We're scheduled for DigiBox installation but waited for days for someone to come but no one did. I'm disappointed because they should've told us the truth that they cannot accommodate us so we know what to expect. We grew tired of calling customer service until someone finally came last night good thing my sister and I are already home. Skycable is a huge cable company it's a shame the way they treat their costumers is totally unacceptable. 

We love DigiBox of course. It has channel preview, a menu screen that allows you to view daily and weekly program schedules, DigiBox info., system options that includes parental control that will allow parents to setup a password and lock channels. Lastly, there are games like Tetris and Gobang that you can play with once you get bored channel surfing. 

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