Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Kinda Sad Birthday

It's been raining a lot in Baguio since we arrived. My sister and I and I got here yesterday around 2AM via Victory Liner bus. Mom woke us up around 7AM she said dad is complaining of severe pain in his inner ear all night. Dad was previously diagnosed with ear infection still under medication. He woke up with a swollen face on his right and droopy looking mom thought he's having a mild stroke but hasn't complain of any heart related ailment but to know what is really going with him we took him to Baguio Medical Center before lunch time. Our elder brother drove us to the hospital. Mom stayed with dad at the hospital whilst my sister and I head over to Session Road. 

It's our 29th birthday today. Brother cooked for us and brought food at the hospital where we celebrated our birthday. According to the doctor that checked our dad, he's suffering from Bell's Palsy. I looked this up on the Internet and according to medical experts that it's caused by nerve trouble. Dad's discharged the same day and will have to take medications at home. We went back to town to hear mass while they head home. We had lunch at some place but weren't satisfied with what we ate so to pacify ourselves we had Banana Split at our favorite ice cream spot called Session Delights. It may be a sad day because of what happened to our dad but since it's still our birthday we pushed through with our birthday plans. We're supposedly going to Tam-Awan Village but the rain got worst we decided to cancel it. 

I hope the weather gets better tomorrow. 
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