Saturday, December 16, 2006

EK Getaway

I'm finally home after an exhausting aftershift team building trip to Enchanted Kingdom held last Thursday with my former team. 

I was recently transferred to another LOB (line of work) hence this is the last time that I will be with them. I will still see them in the office but not as often anymore after my schedule's changed. I guess it was some sort of promotion which is kinda strange because there's no salary increase, just more work load and bragging rights because they say that agents who get transferred to that department are "performers" in their teams. Well, I'm not confident about that, yeah... whatever. I really don't care and as much as I'd like to stay with my batch mates I guess I have no choice but to move on to another team/department. 

I had fun but did not sleep while on our way to EK. These guys were messing with each other the whole time inside the van like kids going on a field trip. When we arrived in EK we started taking pictures immediately and tried almost all the rides. 

I like Space Shuttle among all the rides, it was breathtaking. I also enjoyed Rio Grande we got all wet I didn't bring extra clothes because I'm not aware that it would be necessary since it's my first time there. 

I was so tired after EK, I slept at my sister's pad I couldn't afford to travel back to Antipolo anymore. Twin sissy accompanied me to Fujifilm in Megamall earlier to have my EK pictures printed so I can add it to my scrapbook. 

Some good things never last. I need to go back to work tomorrow night but I'll be on off again on Monday and Tuesday. Thank God.

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