Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beyond Repair

I just got home tired. I went to Basement Salon at Shangri La Plaza to have my highlights fixed it got messed up recently. When I arrived at the Shang I am confident that they can fix my poor hair. Basement Salon is known for innovation even in the USA. They give color to boring hair and work it with celebrities. Let's say you want your hair blue green or red or whatever, they can transform it to your liking. They're experts when it comes to funky hairstyles/color. 

Unfortunately, my highlights is beyond repair so the blue color I want did not happen. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest much more the stylist whose name is Jen. She apologized my wasted time and for not getting the service I wanted. I really appreciate Jen's professionalism she didn't charge me for anything. I was supposedly paying Php3400 for everything, I know it's really expensive but I'm willing to spend that much would you believe it? Jen even offer to give me a better service when I come back. It's really not her fault that she can't fix the damage but lesson learned, never leave your hair to a non-expert. Before we parted I asked for her business card because that kind of customer service is something that I will be more than happy to recommend to other people. Okay, so my hair didn't come out blue but at least I walked out the salon with a smile on my face not just because I got free service but for the excellent customer service experience. If you drop by at Basement salon at the Shang, make sure to look for Jen Leung to make sure that you're in good hands. 

I remember two days ago I got a commendation from a customer who was so satisfied with the customer service I had given him over the phone. It was a simple Internet connection problem that requires basic troubleshooting. He was so pleased that he requested to talk to a supervisor so I let him speak with my Team Leader. Bottom line is that we are all customers and as customers, we all aim for satisfaction. 

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