Monday, January 01, 2018

Welcome 2018

Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2018, the year of the earth dog. 

I still have a little bit of a hangover from New Year's eve but I must say that I had a wonderful time spent with my family. My sister and I did all the cooking for Noche Buena and Media Noche it was quite tiring but was all worth it. 2017 was probably the most festive year for me because our decorations are well thought out. We decided to decorate for Christmas as early as September, I guess we're just really excited for the holidays lol.

My Christmas presents 
I started working on decorating our living room coffee table which turned out well so I thought why not decorate our dining table as well? I draw inspiration from Pinterest where I found a lot of  Christmas dinner table setting ideas I'm just really happy on how well it turned out I'm looking forward to doing it every year from now on.

We also had a mini kris kringle (exchange gifts) and opened our gifts at 12 midnight on Christmas day. I guess it is a mandatory thing especially if you have a kid in the family like my 9 year old niece because kids love gifts right? I got a snow globe, a Hello kitty mug and phone case. Don't you just love Christmas? 

Our Noche Buena table setting and buffet bar. Video courtesy of my sister 

Thanks Gabby!
For New Year's eve we had movie marathon of some of our favorite Asian horror flicks after Media Noche. We waited 12 midnight and watched fireworks display before opening our New Year's eve presents. Usually, gift giving is only for Christmas but for us it extends until New Year's Day just for fun you know. I got this cute message bottle thingy and ball that lights up when bounced from my 9 year old niece Gabby.

We had the same dinner table setting for New Year's eve I just changed the table napkin foldings with a little help from Pinterest again of course. Our Christmas theme last year was quite rustic and we had a lot of the color gold so I'm thinking maybe this year it's something like winter wonderland and we might have a lot of blue and silver for a change but we'll see.

Our Media Noche table setting and buffet bar. Video courtesy of my sister 

Wishing you again a Happy New Year, let's all make this year count. 


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