Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life As It Is

It's 34 days to go before Christmas, would you believe it? I know, it was only yesterday when I was staring in front of my computer monitor thinking what it's like not to work on Christmas or New Year's eve now here I am, thankful for life's unexpected blessings.

It hasn't been a month since my family moved in to this new house and it got me really busy. Packing and unpacking stuff is quite a drag but exciting at the same time. The thought of living in a new house makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because from the time that my sister and I started working we've always rented a pad so we have no choice but to be away from home so we are closer to our workplace. Living in a new house makes me feel like a child with a shiny new toy, I like it when everything's new. I am sad that my mom is not going to be with us anymore. We've been spending Christmas for three years now without her. I guess we are starting over.  

I love decorating our new house. I've always been interested in interior design that's why I can't get enough of Pinterest 'cuz that's where I get most ideas on decorating and stuff. I'm quite a perfectionist, I like things to hang nicely. I just hate eyesore that's why I do my research first to make sure I put things where they should be. 

I like this new neighborhood, it's peaceful. Our pets are somehow getting accustomed to their new environment especially Atari the cat because he still gets to stay indoor. Our toy dog Yumi, is recovering from a blood parasite that came from our previous house and still on medication however Brandon, our 10 year old German Shepherd was rushed to the vet almost a week ago because he had diarrhea and fever and was confined for 2 days due to possible contaminated water or food so just a to be safe never give your pets tap water, let them drink what you drink. We took Brandon home and is slowly recuperating. According to his vet, the infection badly affected his kidney and liver thank God his appetite is back but still too weak to stand on his feet. I'm just grateful that I get to spend time watching over our sick pets. 

I have a lot of plans for next year like working from home and hopefully my sister and I get to travel again for our birthday, I'm crossing my fingers. At the moment I couldn't ask for more. Happiness is contentment.

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