Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vigan Here I come

Gadh! I'm sooo excited I can't wait to go on leave. My sister and I have been planning our trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur for weeks thank God everything is just falling into place. My team's rest day is supposed to change by 1st week of may as forecasted during the time I filed my vacation leave but for some un-Godly reason, it changed sooner than expected so from off-off-VL-VL it became off-off-work-VL-VL. Of course I got worried because my VL is so important to me that I couldn't let anything get in the way but with divine intervention my boss was able to file it manually and had it approved after a week yay! What a sigh of relief but it got better when they opened more VL slots last week so to cut it short I requested for one more day and was granted the same day, awesome right?  My sister had the same problem with her VLs when one of her VLs that falls on a Monday was denied so not to spoil our travel plans she decided that she will not to go to work on that day. Oh well, she's never been absent so I know that's not gonna be easy for her but it just somehow worked out because last week she was informed that her denied VL was an Australian holiday so they don't have work on that day which means that she can have a guilt-free vacation. 

Okay, so I got my birthday present two days ago though it wasn't what I originally wanted but it was all worth it still. My sister got herself a Polaroid (that's the brand name) digital camera last week since I'm not much into digi cam's I asked my friend if she know of somebody who sell DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras and she referred me to this multiply site where I came across affordable DSLR cameras and saw one that fits my budget, a Canon D3000 which costs less than 25K.
I hurriedly sent an email to inquire but they're on cash basis only and I don't have cash handy yet so I tried looking somewhere else like on it had me sign up for a Paypal account which I did but the completion process will take a month I won't be able to make any online purchase yet but I need the cam badly at least a week before our trip. I guess this trip is really meant to happen because I managed to get myself a DSLR S200 EXR kit instead, the specs is just as good as other camera brandeds. My sister had a really difficult time looking for a battery charger for her digicam but we found one yesterday too. We're so ready.

We went to Partas Bus terminal yesterday to see if we can get a reservation ticket for our Vigan trip this coming Friday unfortunately, we couldn't because they don't have reservations compared to other bus companies like Victory Liner which means that we have to buy tickets on the day of our trip maybe because they don't get sold out anyway. 

Few more days to go so Vigan, here I come.

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