Saturday, August 01, 2009

Goodbye Cory Aquino

Former president Corazon Aquino is dead at age 76 after a yearlong battle with colon cancer. 

It was no surprise to me anymore when the news broke out on the Internet that cory died this morning. Her supporters have been praying for her the past month. she was the 11th and the first female president of the Philippines. She became president in 1986 and rose to fame after the assassination of her husband Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino in 1983 who was then an opposition leader. 

I was only 6 when my family moved out of Quiapo and decided to live in Antipolo for good. There was too much turbulence back then I still have a vivid memory of my childhood when helicopters are spraying tear gas in the air while my dad is missing in action. My mom had to close all windows and cover our eyes and nose with damp handkerchief to prevent us from feeling dizzy and to avid our nose from bleeding. It was way too chaotic. But I don't understand what was happening back then, I'm just a kid. 

Cory led the people power movement that overthrew the repressive Marcos regime without violence that inspired other nations including the end of communist rule in Eastern Europe. But being president of a country where people have high hopes of a better government wasn't an easy task it was like cleaning up mountains of garbage, but she did her best. She was a strong woman and she deserved the good life that she was blessed with. Cory will live forever in the hearts of Filipinos. It's kinda sad to have lost a good soul but I'm sure she's in a better place now and together again with the only man she loved, Ninoy. I uploaded this yellow ribbon on my Facebook account, as my way of saying thanks to her. Without her courage and determination, my generation and this country wouldn't have a taste of democracy nor enjoy freedom. 

Kudos Tita Cory. Visit the official website:

My sister and I had some bonding time together and decided to chill at Haagen Dazs, Atrium earlier. I had "Bruffin Surprise" whilst my sister had "Cookie Crunch." I'm just kinda stressed out lately and having ice cream can be a good way to relax sometimes. 

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