Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top 10 Rock Albums of 2005

1. "Z" - My Morning Jacket MMJ's "Z" is definitely not causing Zzzzzz's. While Jim James doesn't like to be compared to Neil Young, we still like him because he reminds us of Neil.

2. Back To Me - Kathleen Edwards "Much of the disc stomps along like Tom Petty touched by some of Neil Young's ragged glory, but Edwards is often at her best when she's at her most subdued."
3. "Okemah andThe Melody of Riot" - Son Volt Jay Farrar seems to be channeling Woody Guthrie's spirit.

4. "Kicking Television" - Wilco Another example of why live music is better.

5. "Countryman "- Willie Nelson OK, so Willie doing reggae is not Bob Marley, but it's still fun to try.

6. "Live at the Fillmore" - Lucinda Williams Influenced by Neil Young's Live Rust with minimal talking and excellent live recording fidelity.

7. "Cold Roses" - Ryan Adams and The Cardinals"The results suggest what Whiskeytown might have sounded like if its brand of alt-country had absorbed the influences of Neil Young and the Grateful Dead and had replaced its fiddle with steel guitar."

8. "Forgotten Arm" - Aimee MannA concept album in the best of traditions, from music, vocals, down to art design. Sort of like Greendale on the dark side of town.

9. "Howl" - Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubA big departure from previous work. And that's a good thing. Totally uncategorizable music. Johnny Cash meets Jesus and Mary Chain. Acoustic, rockabilly, feedback, goth American rock. I don't know what it is, but I like it.

10. "Devils and Dust" - Bruce Springsteen [The song] " 'All I'm Thinking About", seems to be either a homage to or parody of Neil Young. It features a rough approximation of Young's wobbly falsetto and lyrical references to his doomy 1970s track 'Don't Let It Bring You Down', allied to the sort of carefree Chuck Berry chug that the perennially troubled Young couldn't muster if you put a gun to his head."
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