Monday, March 21, 2016

Summertime Thoughts

It's officially summer, heck it is. While everyone's heading off to the beach I'm busy planning for my birthday holiday that does not involve water. Yeah, I know that it may sound strange and I love the sound of waves crashing to the shore but going to the beach is just not my thing. The last time I set afoot on a beach was back in gradeschool, it was a company outing sort of thing when my father was still working now he's retired thank God I don't have to deal with it anymore. Fyi, I never learned how to swim too even if I had swimming lessons back then that's probably one of the reasons too why I never enjoyed the water but who cares? Summer is not just all about the beach, everyone's there but not me.

The summer heat is getting into my nerves I'd rather go hiking instead of getting stuck in places where people go like the mall just to cool down so I can get some unfiltered air. Oh well, I tried hiking as a kid but it never happened again maybe I got lazy or something? I don't know but I'd love to try it again given the chance because it's a good workout and I need some of that. I'd like to commune with nature once in while. 

1 month and 6 days before my birthday? Whoa. Would you believe it?! I'm getting really old I guess that's why I'm yearning to travel while I still can. On my bucket list, I'd like to travel as many countries as I can before the age of 60. So far I've only been to 3 countries in Southeast Asia which means that I still a long way to go (nooooo!). When I started travelling I realized that I'm more interested in temple hopping than food tasting. I've become so fascinated with intricate sculptures and structures that I am always in awe whenever I see something like that. It's so hard for me to believe that a human hand can make wonders.

A girl can dream, it's free anyway. I wanna be a millionaire/billionaire (whatever) so friggin' bad that joining the lottery is my new past time. I know, it's a game of chance/luck but I'd rather take my chances as long as my life doesn't depend on it too much. I'll be a millionaire at 36 hell yeah.

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