Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gypsy Bus Ride

It's almost lunch time as of this writing. My twin sissy is fast asleep beside me while I'm busy writing this. I don't feel like sleeping when I travel because I don't want to miss anything. Thank God there's wifi everywhere even in the bus nowadays for people on the go like myself. I'm a sucker for wifi you know.

It's been seven months since I paid Manila a visit so I was a little mesmerized that there were so many new buildings that sprouted like mushrooms already. Imagine in only seven months? But it's no surprise to me. Having tall buildings everywhere doesn't mean that a country is becoming more progressive. Overpopulated maybe? More people, more pollution. Everyone is crowding in this busy city so what to expect right? But well, not me. 

Oh-kay, so summertime is just around the corner. Summer comes El Niño and not to mention it's fire prevention month so make sure that before heading to the beach don't forget anything that will invite fire. 

Have a safe summer peeps.
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