Monday, March 14, 2011

Exploring the City

It's only been five days since I set afoot Singapore I'm glad that I'm slowly getting the hang of how things work here. This is a whole new experience for me. Back home I don't commute via MRT, only bus going to work but here, it's the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation apart from buses so I have no choice but to learn how the system works thank God I have my twin sissy and friend with me in this adventure. In case I get lost, Well I'm not the only one haha! 

Everything was quite a mess during our first few days here. We're in a maze trying to find our way home in this peaceful town until we figured things out amongst ourselves. I'm loving everything here so far, they're so systematic. The EZLink MRT card is our friend without it we can't go anywhere since you can use it on on both MRT and bus. The air is clear, there's no smoke on cars or puvs, no depressed areas, garbage, etc., etc. Well what can I say, SG is a "fine city," literally. People have discipline and they don't break the rules or the consequences will be fatal. I'v seen some of the tourist spots already like The Esplanade, Marina Bay and also some of the amazing Hindu temples. Food is good and affordable in hawker centers so I might set aside my diet for the time being and jus enjoy the food here. There are times that I can't help but compare my beloved country to SG and wonder if we can still catch up and be as progressive. I don't  know but all I can say is that if the locals were able to build a progressive country, then why can't we?
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