Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

I've never seen a real big flood in my life until I finally came face to face with one last Saturday. I took a video of the flood with my camera phone so I can show it to my sister as a proof. She can hardly believe how big the flood was. Thank goodness our apartment is on the second floor and the flood didn't reach our floor but I got a little scared since I'm all by myself. My sister is at work that time I told myself that if the rain won't subside there's still a chance that the water might go up. I'm just really blessed that it subsided before evening and my sister got home safely. 

We had no electricity for more than 24 hours, that was from Saturday afternooon until before 5pm yesterday. Manong guard said the water motor will be fixed today, I hope so. I heard it drowned after the flood. For the time being our water supply is coming from the ground floor tank. We only use reserved water so it's a must to conserve. I hate complaining because I know that there are more less fortunate people out there. On a sad note, I think it will take a long time for our country to completely recover from the wrath of "Ondoy" but we have to keep our hopes up.
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