Thursday, June 26, 2008

Typhoon Frank

"Typhoon Frank" brought major damage when it hit the country last Saturday.  

It took me an hour to get a ride home after my shift good thing a friend of mine stayed with me until I a jeepney came to my rescue. I'm still lucky that the flood has already subsided it usually goes up to 2 feet in our area when it rains. There's still a power outage due to strong winds when I got home so I can't cook my food my I decided to eat out instead. Thank God the weather is okay now, the sun's out. 

A flood visited our house here Antipolo during the height of the storm last week so I decided to check if anything got damaged or something buts so far everything looks okay. We don't have Internet access in Shaw, good thing we still have it here so I'm able to can check my email. Mom swing by earlier and had my cousin cook food for lunch so i'm still kinda stuffed. My mom's the sweetest, she just doesn't know that she is hehe. My parents are going back to Baguio later today and I'm not sure when they will be back again. 
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