Friday, June 24, 2005


I got totally pissed last night. After the rain poured heavily, a blackout occurred thrice while I was in the middle  of something on my computer and later while I was watching TV. Each black out lasted for approximately 3 minutes only but imagine how annoying it is not being able to finish what you're doing due to continuous interruptions. Blackouts in this town usually lasts for many hours especially when it's raining really badWhat's worst is that the water supply here gets cut off too since it's dependent on electricity. 

After these blackouts I thought everything will be okay until our cable signal just went off the air too possibly due to heavy rains as well. I waited patiently for the signal to come back but it took a while the dead air's killing me already I thought maybe something's wrong with either the TV or the cable wire I tried a little troubleshooting  out of curiosity I inserted the tip of a ballpen through the small hole beside the volume button of the TV. After 20 minutes, the cable signal came on. I'm not sure if I was able to fix something or it was just coincidence that made it work. Couple of hours had past I think around 2AM the cable went off again while I was in the middle of watching a movie. I'm wantong to stab the TV out of frustration good thing it fixed itself and it was just rather quick. 

What have i done to deserve this?
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